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Get Away Karaoke - Bobby Brown

Tämä tallenne on cover-versio kappaleesta Get Away, jonka teki tunnetuksi Bobby Brown

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Tempo: 111.86 BPM

Kappaleen sävellaji: G♯m

Kesto: 05:14 - Esikuuntele: 03:12

Julkaisuvuosi: 1992
Tyylilajit: R&B, Pop, Soul, Englanniksi
Alkuperäinen lauluntekijä: Tony Ray Haynes, George Clinton, Jr., Philippe Wynn, Bobby Brown, Teddy Riley, Louil Silas Jr, Thomas Reyes, Bernard Belle

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Sanat Get Away

Uh babe
Ooh yeah
Oh yeah, hmm come on drop it
Yeah, ain't nothing but the funk baby
I need a piece of mind
I'm stressed out today
It's about that time to make that get away
Dealin' with the people
I deal with every day
Got to find a place where I can hide away
So I can be away from the madness
Far from the noise and the darkness
It's not too late there's gotta be a way
For me to escape all this nonsense
Gotta get away gotta get away
Gotta get away
I gotta get away yeah
They try to run my life but that's the way I live
I do what I wanna do 'cos it's my prerogative
People always trippin' about the things I say
But I'm livin' for the future and I'm doin' things my way
So why does this world just keep on doggin' me
I have to leave it all behind
'Cos there's gotta be a way for me to escape all this nonsense
Gotta get away gotta get away
Gotta get away gotta get away yeah
Yo check the groove
B's kickin' a flow real smooth E double SS
With some cess is a necessity to move
So hit it where ya fit in an' let the rhythm scratch ya
Throw a good rhyme so watch what's comin' atcha
As I release another
Brown batch of jams
That slam and you can't touch so scram
I know you cram to understand who I am
Damn by the way can I please get this dance
Let's not freelance 'cos I'm just gettin' started
Believe me that was nothin' but a Brown Party
That's goin' on an' got it goin' on
Bob an' Ted's rated number one so flow on it
An' if you're in the house pump your fist and say ho come on and say ho, ho
Ted bring me on back bring me on back dance there it is, ow, yeah
Gotta get away
I gotta get away yeah
I gotta get away
I gotta get away yeah hey hey hey
Never in my life never ever felt that somethin' just ain't right baby baby
Tired o' all this mess unhappiness my
Guess is I just gotta get away gotta get away baby baby, uh
I don't wanna hurt nobody baby dooh dooh, yeah
Gotta get away gotta get away gotta get away baby
Please somebody it just don't feel right lately I can't sleep at night
I need a piece of mind far away from the darkness and you know
And you know I need someone to take me away
Take me away take me away
Take me away baby
Seems I need to get outta here get away yeah yeah yeah
Ooh I gotta get away away yeah
Get away yeah way yeah

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