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Modern Woman Karaoke - Billy Joel

Tämä tallenne on cover-versio kappaleesta Modern Woman, jonka teki tunnetuksi Billy Joel

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Sama tempo kuin alkuperäisessä: 144.98 BPM

Samassa sävellajissa kuin alkuperäinen: F

Kesto: 03:33 - Esikuuntele: 01:28

Julkaisuvuosi: 1986
Tyylilajit: Pop, Synthpop, Englanniksi
Alkuperäinen lauluntekijä: Billy Joel

Kaikki tallennettavat tiedostot ovat taustanauhoja, ne eivät ole alkuperäisiä äänitteitä.

Sanat Modern Woman

You see her sitting with her coffee and her paper
With her high top sneakers of Italian design
With a long cool stare she aggravates the tension
Makes up her face while she makes up her mind
Now you're in trouble maybe she's an intellectual
What if she figures out you're not very smart
Or maybe she's the quiet type who's into heavy metal
Boy you got to get it settled 'cos she's breaking your heart
Don't try to put on an act you can't do that to a modern woman
And you're an old fashioned man
She understands the things you're doin'
She's a modern woman
She looks sleek she seems so professional
She's got a lot of confidence it's easy to see
You want to make a move but you feel so inferior
'Cos under that exterior is someone who's free
She's got style and she's got her own money
So she's not another honey you can quickly disarm
She's got the eyes that make you realize
She won't be hypnotized by your usual charm
You've got your plan of attack that won't attract the modern woman
When you're an old fashioned man
She understands the things you're doin'
She's a modern woman uh hu
Time goes by and you're sharing an apartment
She says she loves you but she doesn't know why
In the morning she leaves you with your coffee and your paper
It's a strange situation for an old fashioned guy
But times have changed things are not the same baby
You overcame such a bad attitude
Rock and roll just used to be for kicks and nowadays it's politics
And after nineteen eighty six what else could be new
You've got to learn to relax and face the facts of modern woman
When you're an old fashioned man
She understands the things you're doin'
She's a modern woman
She's a modern woman
You got the casual hip that don't mean zip to a modern woman
She's a modern woman she's a modern woman
She's a modern hey modern hey
She's a modern woman

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