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Brooklyn Story Karaoke - Unity 2

Tämä tallenne on cover-versio kappaleesta Brooklyn Story, jonka teki tunnetuksi Unity 2

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Tempo: 100.13 BPM

Kappaleen sävellaji: F♯

Kesto: 05:53 - Esikuuntele: 03:16

Julkaisuvuosi: 1991
Tyylilajit: Rap & Hip-Hop, Vaihtoehtorock, Englanniksi
Alkuperäinen lauluntekijä: Sean Dinsmore, Lionel Bernard

Kaikki tallennettavat tiedostot ovat taustanauhoja, ne eivät ole alkuperäisiä äänitteitä.

Sanat Brooklyn Story

Last night last night
Last night last night chase it on
OK here's a brand new story
Let me tell you that there is no glory
And I have no illusions
I'll leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions
It happened one morning round three am
When I was waiting for the train after seeing a friend
That's when I noticed that
I'd lost my keys
I called my house but I got the machine
Damn there was no one home so disgustedly I hung up the phone
Started thinking 'bout what my options were
I figured maybe
I would call this girl
But you see
I had one last quarter so I called the home
Where I was practically a boarder
That's Nene's Mom's crib that's in Brooklyn me I live in Manhattan
I was hoping and praying that his mom was home
Come on Mom please pick up the phone
Hello hello mommy this is Cavo calling
Chubby how are doin' what time is it what's wrong
You need to come down to Brooklyn so be very careful my son
Yeah listen
I'm at thirty fourth Street now
Gonna jump on the D train
I'll be there in about half an hour or so
OK sweetie
A Brooklyn story there ain't no glory
A Brooklyn story stay calm and close the door
So now
I'm leaving the station prospect Park my destination
On the train what do I see
Buck wheat to the left and right of me
But that's nothing new
I don't sweat it
At that time of night yo forget it
Also on the train is the zombie crew
They just got off the pipe and now they're staring at you
But as I said before
I had no strain
On my person three dollars and change
Now as the train started over the bridge
You know I slipped and I started to crib
I don't remember exactly what I dreamt about
But I do remember that I heard a shout
I think that there was some kind of struggle or fight
And oh yeah the dream was in black and white
A Brooklyn story there ain't no glory
A Brooklyn story stay clean and close the door
Oh mama one thing we have a understand
Now it's time for New
York to make a change
Why can't a brethren take a yellow cab
From the city to
Howard Beach
One thing we have a understand
Now it's time to help another man
Please don't say Peace if you're gonna dis
A subway vict
I'm 'pon a Brooklyn
Brooklyn story it may seem
It's more like a New York mystery
From Manhattan to Brooklyn
Queens and Staten Island
One thing we have a realize
Only you and I can make that change
If you legalize firearms
Why criticize a scary soul
Remember the man they called
Bernard Goetz
Tell me is he wrong or is he white
Cavo Cavo Cavo what
I'll admit I'd been dozing
When I woke the doors were closing
I fell asleep and I missed my stop
At the end of the train was a transit cop
My man the next stop is Forthside
Which at night is like
Tales in the Darkside
I got off started walking down the avenue
It's kinda rough but what can you do
Get on the corner
I encountered a posse
I walked on and they were all watching me
And as I walk by them
I heard a guy say
Yo your money what you need today
I looked back real cool said nothing
But I ain't see the other guy comin'
He was kinda large and next thing I know
I'm down on the ground it only took one blow
Hey you got viced but that's no glory
Yeah, and that's the end of the story
A Brooklyn story
A Brooklyn story
A Brooklyn story why is it that a brother like Cavo
Can't come to my house by train in Brooklyn
I don't know why is it so hard if he gets killed when he goes to Benson Earls
Think about it people
Think about it

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